quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015


“The countries that are already stricken by famine must find their place in the society again, one must help them to rebuild everything that has been destroyed, to reorganise their daily life and must give them the means to exist and support their people with the help of new technologies that are in harmony with their land, the climate and the geographic position. It will not be the poor who will have to leave their country in order to survive and be fed somewhere else. Those, who have been spoiled by life, are the ones who are going to bring their intelligence, their expertise and the much needed money. They will not be countries called ‘poor countries’ anymore because I will not let such a difference happen between countries anymore and their own weapons will destroy those who will start war! Thus fratricide conflicts will end: the nuclear weapon will blow up in the country that will want to use it first. Those who would have wished for evil will be stricken by evil and those in search of peace will have centuries of Peace in their Homeland, in their family and around them. The tree that will give fruits will live hundred years. The child who will love will be a leader for his brothers where he lives. The adult who will help will be the Pillar of his city. The foreigner who will give help will be respected like a father among the people. The grand father who will give a sound advice will be heard and listened to. The mother who will welcome an orphan home will be called Mother by a multitude that will come to her. The bread, even in small quantity, when shared will feed everyone. There will be plenty of work. And God will send Joy to these countries and cities that are going to be born".(www.jnsr.be)

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