domingo, 9 de junho de 2013


The basic resonance of the Earth (or its pulse) during thousands of years, has marked 7.8 cycles per second. Recent reports have established its present rate at 11 cycles and steadily increasing. Science does not know the cause for this... Norwegian and Russian researchers think it may be the "climate". It is thought that the increase of the pulse probably provokes those severe storms and floods of these times of the last several years. While the Earth is slowing down, it is going through a belt of photons and reduces the electromagnetic rotation (as electricity has the power of the magnet). It is said that when the Earth reaches the rate of 13 cycles, it would stop! This would cause everything yop stand still -- everything  would be motionless -- the air, the seas, the Earth itself. All would be in the great night of Darkness for 3 days, exactly tells!... Scientists on this ongoing watch, tell us that another increase has happened and passed the mark of 12 cycles!... However, scientists are sending many rockets into space in an effort to discover the ideal planet that could accommodate the elite of eache country, in other words, the intelligent persons who will preserve elsewhere their talents and their money, for that sort of journey will be expensive. I doubt that we would call this planet "Mercury" (it already exists). So why not "Euro Sterling", for it would shine like a full safe?!... The underground bunkers, always built for the same protection, will no longer be useful. Therefore, they depend only on the stars and euros. None of this information is made up, which in reality is much more to the point.

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